I’m a German based art historian working in a museum with a unique arts-and-crafts collection. The objects I deal with come from all over the world and several time periods. Getting into the history and cultural background of the pieces is what intrigues me the most. To me languages are a gate into the cultures they emerged from. When you learn Chinese characters you learn a lot about Chinese mindset and philosophy as well. I came to think that the idea behind the module system they use for constructing the signs is related to the module system used when constructing Chinese architecture. This website is about my language learning journey.

Over the years I picked up some languages to different proficiency levels. My main focus right now is Japanese. To keep the fluency level of the other languages I learned so far I challenged myself to go on a language marathon alternating monthly between my target languages. Making time is the hardest part, but the blog motivates me to keep going. がんばって!

My Languages and cultural interests

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