Chinese Day 7

今天下午我去圣诞市场了。天气不冷也没有雨 了所以很多人在那里。然后我看一本中文书。这本书很有意思!我很喜欢激动的故事。

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Chinese Day 1 第三只眼睛

I can’t say that it wasn’t interesting to get a glimpse of the Hindi language last month. Practising the signs was very relaxing and they do look pretty indeed! Nevertheless I felt a bit overwhelmed by the language, especially by the pronunciation of the words. I don’t think I could reach a higher level without […]

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Hindi Day 17 Building sentences

The moment you start building your own sentences in your target language by using the structures introduced in your textbook with some alternative vocab is always exciting for a complete beginner. After working through some grammar points and juggling with some basic words I made the first attempt of introducing myself in Hindi today. It […]

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